Founded in 2009 because decorating my home wasn't enough anymore, I wanted to share it with the world, "the neo lifestyle" was born.

One thing lead to another, and here is the website. The central place of all activities.

Instagram, Antiques, Decoration, Interior Design in one word Lifestyle.

My style is a seamless blend of European old-world elegance with a modern sensibility resulting in a unique style and atmosphere.

Thanks to the knowledge and appreciation for the past, the interiors I create aren't historical but show a lot of respect for the past. All of this off course viewed through a modern eye.

My strong believe is that everyone should live with things they find beautiful and stimulate them to achieve more in life. I will help with pleasure to create a better and a nicer environnement for your life.

If you want to visit my world, you're always welcome in my home. or you can contact me.